Anybody feeling Spry? Adobe's New AJAX Framework

Adobe's new AJAX Framework is called Spry.

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So here I was cleaning out my book collection (through two years ago and I got rid of my JavaScript Gold book edition because I thought, "Hey, why do I need this anymore?" A year later, AJAX takes off. Nice, JD, really nice.

Not only has AJAX taken off, most of the large companies are embracing the move towards AJAX, including building their own frameworks or contributing to the cause.

Adobe Labs has recently released a new AJAX framework called Spry. When you download the pre-release 1, the download is 19 megs. After opening it up, I noticed the biggest file in the package was the Spry Help PDF file. After that, the two biggest files were (you guessed it!) the SpryData.js and the XPath.js JavaScript files (69K and 71K, respectively). An initial reaction might be, "How can you load something that large (140K) into a browser?"

After cracking the SpryData.js file open, you notice why its so large. It includes everything you could ever do with AJAX. I thought AdvancedAJAX had a lot. They have included everything, but the kitchen sink. :-)

The rest of the download is strictly AJAX demos, but you can experience the same thing online here.

I am definitely looking forward to using this framework in Dreamweaver when the next version is released.

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