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The new Acer Aspire One is definitely small enough for the road, but is it good enough for my parents?

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Acer Aspire One NetbookI recently had a visit from my parents. They were having problems with their laptop because it kept shutting down right in the middle of doing something important: email.

After they were here for a couple of days, I noticed first hand when the Acer laptop would shut down. I couldn't explain why it was happening. Possibly the battery pack or the power cord.

Eventually, I couldn't take anymore and started looking for a replacement for my parents while they were here. Because they sure weren't getting mine. :-)

I was starting to look over the Sunday ads and noticed that Best Buy had the Acer for $349. This was not the one that had a Solid-State Drive (SSD). This one actually had a 120GB hard drive inside. This was fantastic that at least one model had an internal hard drive.

MicroCenter also had the same Acer Aspire One on sale for the same price, but we went with Best Buy because of location, location, location.

We purchased it from Best Buy and got it home. Heck, I was more excited about it than my parents.

After cracking it open, I started installing (and removing) all the software from the hard drive. It came installed with Windows XP Home, which was what my mother and father were already used to and my mother kept asking me, "Can I use it now? How about now? Can I use it?" Ahhh...parents.

There were two drawbacks with this Acer: One, Bluetooth was not included, and two, I needed to install something from CD. Since the NetBook was so tiny, Acer couldn't install a CD/DVD drive would work with the NetBook.

The solution? First problem was easy: since the Acer Aspire One had three USB ports, I gave my parents a USB Bluetooth adapter just in case they had a need for it. 

The second problem? I copied to CD to my server and added it from the wireless network. If I had a USB CD/DVD Drive, you could easily hook that up as well.

Overall, I liked it. I think they will be happy with it as well.

However, my father doesn't like the size of the screen, so it becomes the property of my mother. :-\

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