A Beginner's Guide to Freelancing

Phil Gyford talks about how he's freelanced for three years and still has a lot to learn.

Last Updated: November 3rd, 2006 • Business Lessons •
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Freelancing means different things to a lot of people, but to me, it means you wear a lot of hats.

You turn from a mild-mannered worker into a marketer, CPA, manager (project and office), HR department, distribution center, legal department, CTO (Chief Technical Officer), and, of course, CEO.

Phil Gyford talks about every hat you need to wear when you become a freelancer. According to the post, Mr. Gyford says he is still learning after three years of freelancing. This is so true, because I believe we (including me) are learning every...single...day.

Before you make the jump, make sure freelancing is exactly what you want to do. Most people aren't cut out for this type of work and some take to it like a duck to water.

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