5 Technology Predictions for 2008

I know I'm a little bit late to the party with predictions this year, but better late than never.

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Predictions for this year will be difficult. So many things have changed in 2007, it'll be hard to pinpoint anything that will come true for 2008.

Well, let's give it a go.

Prediction #1: Mobile Devices will be added to a web developer's skillset as standard skills as mobile devices surge even more.

This follows my last prediction of mobile devices will become more of a necessity. While keeping their existing skill sets up to date, devigners will learn how to take an existing web site or application and morph it into a mobile web site or application with very little effort.

If you are reading this and don't have any idea of what it takes to convert an existing web site into a mobile site, you may be too late.

Prediction #2: A new technology will change the way we program.

It's been over 10 years since the Internet was introduced and it usually takes 10-15 years for a new technology to catch on. It may be time for a new technology to emerge and may be as ground-breaking as the Internet (I know...I'm stretching here).

Prediction #3: The Facebook fad will wear off, but other Level 3 social networks will continue to grow.

Facebook is growing by leaps and bounds, but I have a feeling we may have another mySpace.

What am I talking about?

Ever since Facebook took off, how much of mySpace have we heard of in the news? Exactly.

But since entrepreneurs/technologists have an idea of how such a beast works, more level 3 web sites will emerge and give Facebook/Yahoo! a run for it's money.

Prediction #4: Microblogging will become even bigger this year.

Twitter seems to be making a big splash in the web space lately. But it won't stop there.

I envision other sites providing the same type of blogging utilizing their mobile devices to create these micro-messages. Quick and small messages sent to a site to let people know what they are doing at this very moment.

Also, It actually wouldn't surprise me if Twitter is purchased this year.

Prediction #5: Asus products will become quite competitve in the laptop/portable space.

With the Asus EEE PC series, Dell may have competition if Asus follows up with some more extraordinary portables. I understand Dell primarily sells laptops, but they focus on price over innovation it seems. Asus fused a little bit of Palm ingenuity, added a trend of mobile computing and resulted in an Asus EEE PC with flash memory.

I quote the commercial, "Brilliant!"

Am I full of smoke, or am I even close to getting all predictions right? Tell me what you think.

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