5 Reasons Why Developers Need Long Tail Pro

Whether you're an SEO marketer or developer that wants to focus on your ideal customer, Long Tail Pro is the best product for finding your audience. I recently purchased Long Tail Pro and here are my 5 reasons why developers need it.

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Long Tail Pro

While SEO (Search Engine Optimization) may seem like something a developer wouldn't particularly enjoy in their spare time, it is something that every web developer should embrace.


It seems like marketing, doesn't it? Yuck!

Well, if you want people to find your site, I'll give you three guesses where they go to find out about your software products and/or services?


So wouldn't it make sense for you to have a tool (besides the Google Keyword Planner Tool) to find out the best keywords that everyone is typing into Google so you can send traffic to your site.

This is the reason I purchased Long Tail Pro.


Long Tail Pro is a program that tells you the long tail keywords for a particular topic.

For those who have never heard the term "long tail keyword," the term "Long Tail" comes from the visual representation of a chart displaying the "power law distribution" of products. Thousands of products such as books and CDs are produced every year, but only a dozen seem to make it to the best-seller list while the remaining products sit in the "long tail" which is more of a specialty offering and what the majority consumers are looking for when using Google to search for relevant content (For more details on long tail, check out Wikipedia, Architecture Strategies for Catching the Long Tail, and the book called The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More).

Long Tail of a market

Once Google crawls through your website and starts indexing your pages of content, Google identifies certain keywords through their patented algorithm and your content is absorbed into the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

So What Is Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro is a program that you buy and download to your computer and it analyzes specific keywords you enter to return information as to how those keywords would work on a web page full of content.

It would also determine how much traffic you would receive (which can translate to conversions and conversions turn into dollars!).

I should preface this with a sidenote: Try NOT to chase the keywords. There are SEO marketers that focus primarily on keyword density (how many keywords can I shove into a web page without getting penalized) instead of creating specific content for humans.

Keyword stuffing can get your site penalized or even banned from Google (Yikes!)

There needs to be a balance of relevant content and indirectly making the search engines aware of what each page of content contains when they crawl through your site.

When I purchased Long Tail Pro, it was kind of intimidating. Once you get the hang of how to search for keywords, it becomes easier to sprinkle them throughout your content and deliver a more meaningful identity to the search engines.

But searching for keywords was not the only reason I had for buying Long Tail Pro.

  1. If you blog, you need Long Tail Pro.

    Let's say I want to find out the hottest keywords related to 'ASP.NET MVC'. I type that into Long Tail Pro and receive the results. These results provide a snapshot view of what people are typing into search engines to find out more about a particular topic. If the top keyword is about "creating a website," I can write a post about how to "create a website using ASP.NET MVC" to start receiving traffic.

  2. Examine the Competition

    With the Pro version, I can compare the search result differences between Google Titles and the Bing Titles to see which one commands a better traffic source. Once I have that information, I focus on the content.

  3. Drilldown capabilities

    Ok, so now I have my list of keywords and the competition across local, Google, and Bing results. If you notice the list of keywords on the left side, they are underlined links.

    When you click on a keyword link, it provides even more information about that particular keyword in the search engine. It will display the top 10 search results with relevant statistics about each page.

  4. At-A-Glance View of Page Statistics

    As I mentioned above, the drilldown capabilities also display a number of relevant statistics for each page including the Page Authority, Page Links, Juice Page Links, Domain Authority, MozRank, PageRank, and Age of the Site.

    Long Tail Pro also gives the user a better estimate of what each search term can achieve on their own site. For example, if there are 40,000 page links pointing to that one page and the Juice Page Links is relatively high, say 24,000, then this tells me that they are strictly an authoritative site.

    In addition to that, if the age of the site is more than 10 years, guess what? You will never be able to overtake that webpage result.

  5. Check your Site Rank

    If you already have a site up and you want to see how well your content ranks, click the Rank Checker in the top-right corner, enter the domain and type in a search term and click Check Rank.

    Long Tail Pro will return results from Google, Yahoo!, and Bing to find out where you are at in the search results according to your keyword you entered.

  6. BONUS: Provide additional SEO Services/Content Strategy

    When you receive Long Tail Pro, you now have a tool that can provide your clients with a thorough list of keywords that would complement their content on their site.

    You would be able to provide an additional service of researching keywords that could assist your clients in generating more traffic through their content.


While I've never worked with Market Samurai, Long Tail Pro definitely provides a long-lasting value for keyword research. I am always trying to find the best keywords for my content on DanylkoWeb.

Again, try not to chase they keywords. Write your content first, then perform your keyword research and sprinkle keywords into your content. Ideally, your content will be consumed by humans first, search engines second.

Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase and it shows me that my keyword research as a developer is becoming more and more like a marketer. The more people you can deliver to your site using long tail keywords, the more traffic you will receive making you more successful in your endeavors.

If you are interested in finding out more about Long Tail Pro, click the image below to head to the Long Tail Pro site.

Head over to Long Tail Pro

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