5 quick steps to make your business greener

Today's post is geared towards an energy-efficient Blog Action Day.

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It's Blog Action Day and the topic is about how to make the world a "greener" place. On this blog, it deals with making a "greener" difference with your business.

A lot of large companies like Adobe, Hewlett-Packard, Palm, and Honda have taken the initiative to move towards a greener company. All it takes is one step to move towards a cleaner world.

If you are a Micro-ISV/small/home business, you can definitely make a difference by showing other large companies how green you can be. Start with one action below and move on to another.

1. Work towards a paperless or virtual office.
This is probably the biggest way to make an impact in your office. If your office is service-based, the paper you accumulate could be scanned and saved in a customer folder on your PC. Just make sure you backup your data.

2. Recycle your aluminum cans.
...or you'll have the "office linebacker" visiting your office. Also recycle glass, aluminum, and plastic.

3. Look for the Energy Star symbol on products.
Such as computers and laptops to save energy.

4. Save the energy by turning off the lights and your PC at night.
Besides the server, I always turn off the PC's and lights at night to conserve energy.

5. Monitor your power consumption with Local Cooling.com.
This desktop application automatically optimizes your PC's power consumption by using a more effective power save mode.

These 5 steps are just the beginning. To continue your path to make you business more energy efficient, head over to the Blog Action Day or visit these other sites to help with saving more energy.

Danylko Consulting Services has contributed $30 for the day to the National Wildlife Federation. It may seem small, but if enough people contribute to their own charity of choice, we can make a big difference.

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