44+ Mobile App Facts to Consider for a Great UX

User Experience (UX) is absolutely required for mobile apps. Today, our guest contributor, Stefan Ateljevic, explains in his infographic what makes a great UX for mobile users.

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As you build your next hot mobile app, your user interface (UI) may be spot on, but the user experience (UX) could lack certain flare or app workflow to entice your users.

Our guest contributor today, Stefan Ateljevic, gives us over 44 facts in his infographic on how to improve mobile app usage because, mmm...yeah, it's rather important.

So important that around 24% of users abandon apps after their first use.

Yes, 24%!

Heck, I've done it as well. I've downloaded an app, ran it, and realize the user experience didn't match my expectation of the app.

So I uninstall it from my phone/tablet. Why keep something you won't use or why keep it when there is a better x app available out there?

His infographic is definitely enlightening and provides some insight such as:

  • What's your audience level for your app?
  • What habits do they have in-app?
  • What your users like and dislike in mobile apps
  • What UX factors are important when building your mobile app?

Check out the infographic below and make sure your mobile app provides a solid UX for your users.

Otherwise, you may be out of a job.

44+ Mobile App Facts to Consider for a Great UX

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