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If you need help determining what the standards are with user interfaces, bookmark Experience Dynamics.

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I've been building a lot of web sites lately and as I'm moving more towards mobile development, I'm beginning to question the lines of where desktop stops and the web/mobile starts.

I recently had someone talk to me about implementing a Drop Down List/Combo Box that had a total of 45,000 items listed and they just needed to pick one item from the list. And that was a web page, not fat client.

Hmmm...This may need some re-thinking on the designers part.

I'm sure all developers try to make their web pages or client applications as rich as possible to allow the user to get their job done quickly and efficiently. Granted, there are times where we want to have the "Minority Report" user interface, but ya know...we just aren't there yet.

When I posted "Can developers dress up a pig?", this was definitely meant for all developers as well as for me. Every once in a while, we need a little help in the layout/design department. However, there are times that I've had waaayyy too much Mountain Dew or Amp and my brain says "Usability? HA! Just Code it!" But then you revisit it at a later time to "dress up the pig."

One site I recently discovered was Experience Dynamics. They have a large list of usability guides on mobile usability, web usability, and desktop usability and judging by the "(Updated March 2009)" note, it seems they are constantly updating it.

Just make sure you don't implement a web page with over 10,000 items in a drop down list.

I hope this list helps.

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