4 Tools To Enhance Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be confusing at some times, but luckily, there are a number of sites that provide better views of your data. Today, I give you four tools to enhance Google Analytics.

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Microscope Analyzing Site Statistics

For developers and designers who build web sites, there is not better tool than Google Analytics when you need to find out the statistics of your users.

It provides a huge pile of data, that even under the covers, can unleash a lot of insight into how your users are using the website.

I've been using Google Analytics for the past 12 years and it's an analytics tool that I can't live without.

However, recently, I've discovered a number of additional sites that enhance Google Analytics in their reporting. These sites allow you to log into Google Analytics using your authentication method using OAuth.

Once you are in, it will access your data and report on it.

Oh, I also want to make you aware that these tools are free.

So let's get started by diving into these tools. 

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools

You would be suprised. Not many webmasters know about this tool from Google.

Where Google Analytics covers the statistics of users, demographics, medium sources, and sessions, the webmaster tools focus on the structure and functionality of the web site.

How many 404's do you have and where are those pages? What are the keywords that attract users to your site? Who is linking to your site?

If you need to know how to link Google Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics, check out this post.

All of these questions, and more, are answered using the Webmaster tools. 

Panguin Tool (Barracuda.digital)

Panguin Tool

Have you ever wanted to know what happened to your traffic when that Google Panda update was applied?

The Panguin tool shows you the effect that occurred on your website when Google released a specific version. Click on the single line to examine the Google update that was applied when you lost your traffic.

Along with the Google Organic visits, you can also view the Landing Page Visit Variance and the Keyword Visit Variance.

As you can see, Google has been very good to me.

Quill Engage

Quill Engage

Quill Engage is the new kid on the block.

They log into your Google Analytics, analyze the data, and present it back to you in a simple, english report that anyone can read and doesn't overwhelm you with techie jargon.

SEO Tools for Excel

SEO Tools for Excel

For those who need more number-crunching, there's no better tool than Excel. You can even make Excel into a Spider to crawl through your site.

This tool offers On and Off-page SEO, Scrapers, Spider Crawling, and integration with Google Analytics as well.


There seems to be a number of new companies popping up with ways to connect to Google Analytics and provide an even more indepth analysis of your web site.

70-80% of them are not free, but the ones that make use of a freemium model provide the best bang for your buck.

Did I miss a website or tool that integrates into Google Analytics that you absolutely love? Post your comments below.

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