4 Facts About a Mobile Spy App Hidden from Users

In recent years, there has been a drastic increase in mobile spy app users worldwide. Here are four facts hidden from users that you must know.

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The mobile has been a major and most important part of human civilization in recent years. The mobile spy app industry has witnessed rapid growth in the past ten years and there is a good reason for this. Did you know that 65% of the digital media time reported comes from mobile usage?

On the other hand, desktop usage has become a lesser percentage and serves as a secondary touch point in recent years. Shocking as it may seem, users of mobile devices reported are mostly kids between the ages of 13 and 18. Another interesting finding is that as much as 31% of employees at any workplace spend more time browsing the internet and engaging in personal online activity instead of working. In other words, adults tend to abuse internet access at work and are more prone to this than teenagers are. This finding explains why companies are facing poor productivity challenges since the dawn of the mobile age.

Why are people using such apps at an increasing rate? Is it wrong or just a new part of a modern lifestyle that needs adapting? There are four key facts about spying apps that remained hidden from users until now. This article will shed some light on why manufacturers of apps such as Xnspy release newer versions and why their market is growing at an alarming rate, so read on.

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Fact One: The Mobile Spy App Market is Worth Billions

Surveys involving mobile spy app users for both Android and iOS devices can give a clear idea of the estimated market value of the software. Some of the most famous apps prove useful for both parents and employers. They offer users an opportunity to monitor web usage via mobile devices from a browser-based control panel. As many as 70% employees use the office internet on their cellphones between 9 am and 6 pm for personal reasons. By using a mobile app, employers don’t have to face awkward moments where they request people to show them their mobiles. By issuing company-registered mobile devices like tablets, employers can monitor almost everything their workers do. Likewise, parents have succeeded in protecting their kids from cyberbullying. Did you know that 80% of teenagers in the world are an easy target?

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Fact Two: Not Many Are Designed To Maintain Stealth

Only some high-tech mobile spying apps are capable of disappearing into the target device upon activation. Not all are capable of maintaining stealth, which means that only a limited number of these apps are a success. You can find thousands of such apps on iTune Store or the Google Play Store. When an app is invisible, Xnspy for instance, it doesn’t cause the target device on which you install it to hang. It doesn’t cause the battery to drain too soon and the target person doesn’t suspect a thing while the app collects data or while you control the device remotely.

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Fact Three: Browser-based Control Panel works on Your Mobile Browser Too

Recent monitoring apps give you access to the control panel using your mobile device. You can keep track of the people you are monitoring even while you are on the go, but not all apps support this. However, there are still some that require physical access to the target device all the time. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can find all kinds of apps in the apps stores. With a control panel that you can access via a browser, you don’t have to risk discovery by the target. You can monitor mobile activity and avoid awkward situations. You can succeed in catching disloyal employees and teenagers while they engage in unacceptable behavior.

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Fact Four: Mobile Spying App Can Have Numerous Features

There is no hard and fast rule about a mobile spy app having just one feature to offer. Some recent apps are designed specially to be comprehensive and to offer users numerous features. For instance, you can use Xnspy to track the GPS location of a target device, use Geofencing to get alerts whenever the device enters or leaves specific places, access multimedia files, spy on conversations via SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, KIK, Line, and Facebook messenger. Users can also access emails via Gmail app, record calls, and record ambient discussions and block unwanted apps too. You can see the contact details of people and block unwanted people from calling and writing to the target.

In the last decade, mobile tracking has grown three folds. The reason for this is that cyber threats have been on the rise. Concerns about data safety and cyber bullying have led people to create software technology that can keep people and businesses safe. The hidden apps are particularly more helpful because they allow users to monitor their target person without making them uncomfortable or conscious.

Overall, there is greater good these apps offer.

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