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The DanylkoWeb Job Board provides a centralized location for jobs geared towards .NET developers looking for a specific technology position.

The types of positions on this board include:

  • Cloud Development
  • Database Management
  • Front-End/UI
  • .NET Development (C#/VB.NET)
  • QA Testers

Job Board Details:

  • Each job posting is $40 for 30 days. After the 30 days, the job posting will disappear.
  • Contact me if you have an issue with a posting.

There was a time when I was struggling to make ends meet when the Internet bubble burst in 2001/2002.

I was out of work for six months.


I never want anyone to experience that feeling.

So I've decided to provide a service since I have over 30,000 people visiting my site every month.

I want to introduce you to the new DanylkoWeb Job Board.

There are two benefits to the Job Board:

  • This Job Board is a way for me to help those in need of a technology job, whether it be design, development, database, front-end, or cloud. By adding this Job Board to my site, the goal is to provide an up-to-date (< 30 days) list of jobs to developers from around the world, no matter where they live.
  • I always get the occassional call from a recruiter asking if I know anyone to fill a particular position. What better place to send them than to "place an ad" on the Job Board with 30,000 visitors interested in a position.

Thanks for visiting the Job Board. I'm also trying to make the Job Board better and would like feedback about the site.

NOTE: If you landed a position through DanylkoWeb, please let me know through our contact page.

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