Yes, it is the biggest piece of crap!

Wow! I wrote that. But so much HAS changed since March 2007.

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I recently received a comment post from a reader about how awful a past post was. I read the post over and started thinking about my question, "When to use AJAX programming?"

After thinking about the question and reading it over yet again, I realized something about the reader's opinion:

He was right!

In that post, I mentioned when would be an ideal time to use AJAX: Only use AJAX in Intranet applications.

What a load of malarky! Who wrote that!


Well, some of my points are flawed and some are right on. However, I've learned a lot since that time and found better techniques on how to write AJAX applications.

I do stand corrected. The usability aspect of AJAX would not only enhance the application, but could off-load entire web pages of HTML from the server and transition it to a simple data transfer of JSON and/or XML back to the client without an entire page refresh.

What's your take on AJAX?

So much has changed since AJAX was introduced, but how many people are currently using AJAX in their applications? I know this is just one question, but there are many more that people should be asking.

  • Are developers worried about security regarding AJAX and what safeguards should you add to secure your AJAX application?
  • Should there be a limit as to how much AJAX is added to an application? What are the guidelines for too much or too little?
  • Does it skew the web analytics of your web site?

I leave these questions to my audience.

What do you think about these questions and the advantages/disadvantages in my past post? Post your comments below.

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