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Last Updated: July 2nd, 2007 • Business Lessons •

Everyone likes to inspire others and quotations are no exception to getting the creative juices flowing.

QuotationsBook.com takes a different approach to quotations. According to their site:

  • We want you to find and explore beautiful and delicious quotes. We aim to make the best search and exploration tools possible to explore a quote from any angle.
  • We want you to show the world what you care about. We aim to create the very best ways to add quotes to QB. You should express your opinion, knowledge and feelings in exciting ways.
  • We want the community to benefit as a whole and have fun. We want like minded people to connect, and hope to build the finest ways of enjoying quotes on your own and with others.

What they gear towards is the ability to see different points of view through your own quotations and those of others.


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