Exceptional Food Site...by CNET?

Looking for a stylish food site that deals with everything from recipes to videos? It seems CNET is expanding.

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I ran across CHOW through FeedMyApp and the site definitely caught my attention. Not because the site is labeled as a "Web 2.0" site, but visibly, the CNET design team was able to transfer the look and feel of a CNET personality to the site as well.

What blew my mind was that CHOW was created by CNET and is now included in the CNET Network of sites.

So now, when I think of food, I think of CNET? Ummm...No, but I will be visiting the site frequently.

Now, the entire list of CNET sites include:

  • BNet.com - Management, Strategy, Work Life Skills & Advice for Professionals
  • CNETChannel -Technical Specifications - Product Information - Product Catalogs
  • GameSpot - A gamers web site.
  • International Media
  • MP3.com - Buy MP3 music online
  • mySimon - Price comparison shopping site
  • Search.com - Metasearch search engine
  • TechRepublic - A resource for IT Professionals
  • TV.com - TV News, TV Shows, and TV Listings
  • UrbanBaby - Where to shop, play, eat, travel and have fun with your kids
  • Webshots - Photo Sharing, Free Wallpaper, and Free Screensavers
  • ZDNet - Where technology meets business.

I think the design team has done a great job with CHOW and I'll be hanging out there when I'm hungry for lunch. :-)

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